This is for you...

If you want to learn all the ways you can make cash with corporates NOW without waiting to create a complex program, without endless posting on Social Media and without creating fancy materials.

This is for you if you want to know WHAT you can sell and HOW

This is for you if you want to make CASH

It is no secret that the work I do with my clients helps them land their first and their next corporate client with grace, without constant hustling or waiting for months.

Hi, I am Miriam

In 2015 I won my first 6-figure corporate client after a cold contact.

I was ecstatic but also baffled how to repeat this feat.

It wasn't until I reverse-engineered this success and refined it over the next 18 months that I knew that charging high-tickets to corporate clients is not dependent on inside contacts, earth-shattering innovation or luck.

It's a repeatable PROCESS.

And I have been sharing this process with my high-ticket clients since 2021 helping them get results such as:

  • Their first corporate client in just 2 weeks
  • Their first $120k/year client (who just renewed)
  • Their first $18k for a 2-day workshop from a corporate client

And now I am sharing it all with you in this 2-part experience.


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, it's the very opposite - getting results requires hard work, dedication, skill, experience and a dose of luck. I am sharing my experience with you so you can learn from it but it's in no way a a guarantee that you will get the same or similar results. I'll give you the tools but you will have to use them! Nothing on this site shall give you the impression it's a promise or guarantee of future earnings!

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